WG8 Project 67: Model Comparisons

Aims, Workplan and People Involved

The main aim of WG8, project 67, is to assess how robust an age can be determined in giants given seismic + spectroscopic constraints, and try to quantify systematic uncertainties that may arise from e.g. different input physics or the use of average scaling relations.

For more information on the workplan and a list of people involved, click here.

Main Results

First comparison of tracks from differents stellar evolution code.

18/10/13, Task A.1, Submitted Tracks:
- Nadège (STAREVOL)
- Andrea (MESA, CLES)
- Arlette (CLES)
- Josefina (ATON)
- Marc (YREC)
- Victor (GARSTEC)
- Léo (PARSEC)
- Maurizio (BaSTI)
- Gulnur Dogan and Chen Jiang (ASTEC)
Here is a plot with preliminary comparisons: prelim.pdf

Next step: write first report and proceed with A.2.

Report (June 2015): File